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Monthly Archives: November 2016


Countries That Have Banned Cosmetic Animal Testing

The hard work from various animal welfare organizations, governments, cruelty-free companies, and individuals has really come to light over the years. We are truly beginning to see the end of animal suffering for cosmetics. All of the countries with the #BeCrueltyFree are part of the largest worldwide campaign to end cosmetic animal testing. It was [...]

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Great Cruelty-Free Products in Hong Kong

A great money-saver when shopping for your favourite brands is to be able to visit their physical store and avoid paying shipping fees. Of course this also provides a great shopping experience as it allows you to interact with their knowledgeable staff. Shopping for cruelty-free in Hong Kong can be done in physical stores as [...]

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China Is Opening Its Doors For Non Animal Cosmetics Testing

With encouragement and financial support from PETA, China will finally accept and agree to try a completely non animal cosmetics test for the first time. This is great news for the cruelty free movement and a major step in curbing animal testing. CHINA'S TESTING LAWS China's animal testing laws is one of the biggest barriers for the [...]

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Being Under Non Cruelty-Free Parent Company

We are seeing a huge growth in cruelty free products being readily available. They're easy to find at our local drug stores and shopping malls, from lip balms to bath bombs. Thanks to investment of large corporations and their assets, the once small independent cruelty-free brand is now producing and sold at a global scale. [...]

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Grand Opening December 2016

We are working in full gear to get the online shop open ASAP, preferably in time for Christmas shopping! Our team is working around the clock to get the site and eCommerce ready. We also have a few articles that we're sure you'll find interesting to post up in our Blog page. You can email [...]

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