The hard work from various animal welfare organizations, governments, cruelty-free companies, and individuals has really come to light over the years. We are truly beginning to see the end of animal suffering for cosmetics.

All of the countries with the #BeCrueltyFree are part of the largest worldwide campaign to end cosmetic animal testing. It was started by the Humane Society International in an effort to convince the whole world to Be Cruelty-Free!

This list has been updated since 14th November 2016.

Animal Testing Already Banned

  1. The United Kingdom in 1998. The U.K. is very strict about its animal research. They have completely banned animal testing for cosmetics and also made it illegal to test on animals for other areas of research if there is an alternative non-animal method available. It was part of the E.U. when its ban was fully completed.
  2. The European Union in 2013. The E.U. Is the first to completely ban animal testing and to prohibit the import, market and sale of any cosmetics that have been tested on animals.
  3. Norway in 2013. Norway’s ban on animal testing came into effect around the same time as the E.U.
  4. Israel in 2013. Similar to the E.U. Israel has banned animal testing on cosmetics as well as the import and marketing of products previously tested on animals.
  5. India in 2014. The first Asian country to ban cosmetic animal testing and the sale of newly animal tested cosmetic products. Also banned is animal testing of household products and ingredients.
  6. São Paulo, Brazil in 2014. As the largest state in Brazil, São Paulo has made an important stance against cosmetic animal testing that has encouraged the government to begin motions to make a nationwide ban. #BeCrueltyFree

  7. New Zealand in 2015. After much pressure from animal rights group New Zealand voted unanimously to ban animal testing for cosmetics. This ban only includes animal testing within the country but there are future plans to restrict the import of animal tested products. #BeCrueltyFree


Animal Testing Partial or Future Bans

  1. Turkey – Since 2015 animal testing for any finished cosmetic products currently on the market has been banned by the Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices Administration. However, there is very little information found about the details of this ban.
  2. Australia – By July 2017 animal testing for cosmetics will be banned and any new cosmetic products or their ingredients that have been tested on animals will be banned from entering the market. #BeCrueltyFree

  3. South Korea – A law has passed to begin a five year Animal Welfare plan which includes phasing out animal testing by 2018. The law will require the use of non-animal testing methods for cosmetics where such alternatives have already been accepted by the government. However, while a good first step this is not a complete ban as animal testing will continue when alternatives are not available. #BeCrueltyFree

  4. Taiwan – A bill to prohibit cosmetic testing on animals for both finished products and their ingredients will come into effect in 2019. However, imported animal tested products will still available on the market. #BeCrueltyFree

  5. Argentina – In June 2015 a bill was introduced that would ban animal testing of cosmetics and their ingredients and prohibit the sale of new animal tested cosmetics within a two year period. Furthermore, if passed any violators will be heftily fined and the money would be donated to animal protection and welfare groups. #BeCrueltyFree

  6. United States – In June 2015 the proposed Humane Cosmetics Act was reintroduced. The bill would ban cosmetic animal testing within a one year period and end the sale of any animal tested cosmetics within three years. #BeCrueltyFree

  7. Canada – In July 2015 the proposed Cruelty Free Cosmetics Act was introduced. The bill would ban animal testing of cosmetic products and their ingredients and phase out the import and sale of any animal tested cosmetics. #BeCrueltyFree

  8. Switzerland – In March 2016 the Swiss government proposed a ban on the sale of cosmetics that have newly been tested on animals.
  9. Russia – In 2015 Russia proposed a bill to phase out all animal testing on cosmetic products and their ingredients by 2020. #BeCrueltyFree
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The above info-graphic is from HSI. More information can be found here.