Many cosmetics and skincare companies exist which claim to be cruelty-free. However, simply displaying a “not tested on animals” label printed on their packaging can mean little or nothing.

Animal testing policies can be unclear and confusing, making it difficult for the consumer to make an informed decision whether to support a brand based on their cruelty-free stance.

KerraBelle has been created as a reliable platform for cruelty-free products from certified or accredited companies who do not test on animals.

It exists to provide a convenient and reliable solution by offering quality cosmetics and skincare products from your favourite cruelty-free brands under one roof.

We do our utmost to ensure each brand’s cruelty-free commitments as much as we are able through research and correspondence, and make their products readily available to you for easy purchase here at KerraBelle.

See: KerraBelle’s Cruelty-Free Standards .

“At KerraBelle we recognize the growing need in the industry for non-animal tested products. We are delighted to provide a comprehensive cruelty-free only outlet for our customers; it’s their one-stop shop.”
Melanie Islip, Founder